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Gerdi Media has already distributed and released some music albums and in addition arranged, produced and broadcasted a pair of TV programmes in different channels. We have created many other products and much more…
Business Acivities
Music Composing & Arranging, Audio Recording, Audio & Video Mixing, Remixing, Mastering, Filming & Shooting, Post-production, Photography, Website Designing & Coding, Poster & Wallpaper, Picture Retouching, CD & DVD & Book Covers, Logo Creation, Contact Person to other Companies, Making Partnerships for releasing a product, Distribution, Marketing…
The Production List
Here below you can have a look at our categorized production list:
Yad September 2010
Milkan August 2007
Sure Gull July 2006
Rejne June 2005
Taste of Orient March 2009
TV Commercial 2i Rebendan January 2008
Yadek Le Mamosta Hemin November 2007
Gerdi Media Night May 2007
Gerdi Media Concert November 2006
Sure Gull TV Commercial July 2006
Rejne TV Commercial June 2006
Poster: Fadime Sahindal January 2012
Billig Handel Website ( January 2012
SHIG Website ( December 2011
Logo: SHIG December 2011
Mela Resul Gerdi Website ( October 2011
Poster: Among the best! September 2011
Poster: Yad CD-abum September 2010
Yad CD Cover October 2010
Poster: Shehidani Vien June 2010
Poster: 8th march March 2010
Poster: BEAT November 2009
Hedi Design Website ( May 2009
Poster: Risbergskas vårkonsert April 2009
Poster: Föreningsshowen November 2008
Poster: Konsert 24h Fredag November 2008
Poster: Choir of the Fire October 2008
Poster: Krampen June 2008
Poster: Akustisk Konsert May 2008
Poster: Lunchkonsert May 2008
Tasekanim Bo Daykm Book Cover May 2008
Poster: Risbergskas vårkonsert April 2008
Poster: Musikaltema March 2008
Poster: 2i Rebendan January 2008
Poster: RSC (Risbergskas Cheerleading Squad) December 2007
Logo: Jamal Qadri September 2007
Logo: MER (Musical Entertainment Radio) September 2007
Poster: 25i Gelawej August 2007
Logo: KMR (Kurdish Music Radio) August 2007
Kurdish Music Radio Website Closed
Logo: Euro Blitz August 2007
Euro Blitz Website Closed
Poster: Milkan CD-album August 2007
Milkan CD Cover August 2007
Poster: Gerdi Media Night May 2007
Poster: Lunchkonsert March 2007
Lawan Norway Website ( March 2007
Poster: Gerdi Media Concert November 2006
Sure Gull CD Cover July 2006
Logo: SNSS (Svenskt Nätverk för Systemsäkehet) April 2006
Kurdistan Le Jer Barani Agirda Book Cover March 2006
Poster: Rejne CD-album June 2005
Rejne CD Cover June 2005
Simko Gerdi Website Closed
Mojteba Mirzade Website ( June 2004
Dahatuyeki Run Book Cover February 2004
Logo: Hedi Design January 2004
Arena Renhold Service Website Closed
Book: Bo yadi Mela Resul Gerdi December 2012
Calender: 2010 February 2010
Caricature June 2009
Caricature June 2009
Caricature May 2009
Book: A Daffodil Necklace in a Love Collection May 2009
Book: Azari Xewnekan May 2009
Book: Teslim Ya Merig May 2009
Brochure: 8th March February 2009
DVD Label June 2008
Book: Tasekanim Bo Daykm May 2008
Book: Kurdistan Le Jer Barani Agirda March 2008
DVD Label January 2008
DVD Label August 2007
Thank you Card: Tam Tam September 2005
Member Card: Tam Tam September 2005
Brochure: Tam Tam September 2005
Book: Dahatuyeki Run February 2004
The Business Form
You can start every work/production with us through this Business Form. Develop and comment your opinions as much as possible. Afterwards we will contact you to take the second step and start the process.
The Business Details Your Details
I have read, understood and agree to the Production Terms & Conditions.  
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